Front deck: one guest’s photos

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Some recent guest comments

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Thank you for sharing this wonderful home. Our children and grandchildren love the experience of the home and the town. (Anne-Marie and David) A wonderful week away! Completely rejuvenating. A lovely cottage with amazing views. (Helen) Such a gorgeous house. I wish it was mine! (Randall) A totally reinvigorating getaway in a delightful cottage in a stunning landscape. (Cynthia) Ahhh, we could feel the serenity! Blissfully relaxing and rejuvenating stay at ‘Heaven on the Hill’ Cottage in Boonah. The hills came alive on Sunday morning with the chiming of Church Bells – charming. Thank you. We enjoyed our stay immensely. (Julie and...

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Boonah Hilltop Cottage parrot

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Here is a parrot we saw in the front garden at Boonah Hilltop Cottage the other day. Ok, I told a little white lie…. Believe it or not, this is a woman in full body paint….. Her left leg pointing down like a tail, her right knee is drawn up, her right arm is braced on the stump, her other arm is folded over her head. The bird’s eye is in the centre of her forehead. She’s sitting on the wood stump… Oh! And she wasn’t in the front garden...

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The Blumbergville Clock

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Here is the Blumbergville Clock being erected in Boonah town centre, watched over by the sculpture of our early poineer. The clock is both an artwork and timepiece. The clock’s creator is local sculptor, Christopher Trotter. It’s called ‘Blumbergville’ after Boonah’s original name. The Blumberg brothers were 19th century poineers in the...

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